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Chairman’s Message

Shaki Corporation values lie in the happiness of our employees and appreciation creating happy culture of happy employees and happy customers, as it is one of most important factors in developing automobile import/export industry.

To build a happy and harmonious society in vehicle export and Import industry, it is a worthwhile attempt for us to build a happy business. We strive to fully undertake our social responsibility, building a sustainable business relationship across globally with our customers, associates, partners and dealers leading as an example of a happy business and ultimately achieving the shared vision of “TRUST” in Shaki Corporation

About Us

Shaki Corporation was established in November 1988, listed as one of the top 10 best-known vehicle exporters and buyers in Japan’s Automobile Industry. Shaki Corporation, a valuable enterprise with a team of vehicle buying experts specialized and well informed and equipped.

Shaki Corporation started global exports in 2001 in Russia sending up to 3000+ units, furthermore the Shaki Corporation with its associates has been a major exporter in Ocenia Market including Australia, Newzealand, East Taimur and Fijji Island.